Chief Organizer Blog 2018

Ending the Year in Coyocan with Memories of Oaxaca 12-31-2018

Paying the Cuota to Neo-Liberalism on Mexican Highways 12-30-2018

Monte Alban 12-29-2018

The Sanctuary Movement and Fugitive Slaves 12-28-2018

Political Struggle Comes Naturally to Oaxaca 12-27-2018

Searching for the Monarchs 12-26-2018

“Poor Me” Misses Impact of Shutdown on Real People 12-25-2018

Valle de Bravo 12-24-2018

Random Travel Tips – Part #6: Cash and Credit 12-23-2018

Meek Mill, You Got it Half Right, the Philly Vandals are ACORN-Haters 12-22-2018

Mexico City’s Roma: Film and Reality 12-21-2018

Breathing in Mexico City 12-20-2018

Random Travel Tips – Part #5: Visa Hell 12-19-2018

Random Travel Tips – Part #4: Don’t Make Assumptions about Lodging 12-17-2018

Random Travel Tips – Part #3: Talk to Strangers When it Counts 12-16-2018

A.M.R. or A.M.I. Not 12-15-2018

Random Travel Tips – Part 2 – Thorn Tree, Uber, and Kindle 12-14-2018

Travel Tips! 12-13-2018

Notes on Uganda and Kenya for My Father 12-12-2018

Finding a Way Forward for Community Radio in Uganda 12-11-2018

The Paradox and Plight of the Uganda National Museum 12-10-2018

Community Radio in Uganda 12-09-2018

First Impressions in Uganda 12-8-2018

Are Water Cartels Allowed by the City to Fleece the Poor in Nairobi Slums? 12-7-2018

Is Kenya Starving the Poor to Play Politics? 12-06-2018

Community Radio Comes to the Nairobi Slums 12-05-2018

Thinking about Block Clubs, R. L. Polk’s City Directories, and the Chicago Police 12-04-2018

White Collar Blues is an Unaddressed Economic and Political Issue 12-04-2018

Entergy’s Impunity, When Lobbying, Fines, and Payoffs are Disguised as Donations 12-01-2018

Detroit Housing Crisis, Progress but a Long Way to Go 11-30-2018

Nice Surprises in the City of Milwaukee 11-29-2018

Our Wisconsin Revolution is a Different Twist with a Great Future 11-28-2018

Wisconsin Midterm Aftermath 11-27-2018

Weather Beats Logistics Every Time 11-26-2018

Decolonizing Wealth Against the Odds 11-25-2018

Bain Capital Marketing for Nonprofits and the Rich in Sheep’s Clothing 11-24-2018

Do the Democrats Want the Missing Voters? 11-23-2018

There is a Sell-By Date on Trump’s Shtick 11-22-2018

Basic Utilities May Be Our Most Vulnerable Infrastructure 11-21-2018

Time to Lend a Hand in Mississippi? 11-20-2018

Police Oversight Comes to Nashville 11-19-2018

The Destructive Cycle of Tax Giveaways 11-19-2018

There was a Blue Wave 11-18-2018

Falling Out of Love with Julian Assange While Still Being Fond of Wikileaks 11-16-2018

Facebook Playing Duck-and-Cover, Distraction, and Delay 11-15-2018

Arsonist Destroys ACCE Office in Southern California 11-14-2018

Hillary for President is Fake News 11-13-2018

Google Maps is an Adventure in Honduras 11-12-2018

Honduras ACORN Leadership Gets Organized 11-11-2018

Gildan T-Shirts are a Tight Fit for Workers in Honduras 11-10-2018

Doctored Videos are a Hallmark of Authoritarian Regimes 11-09-2018

Calculating the Prospects for Change 11-08-2018

Ballot Measures Reveal a Kinder and Gentler America 11-07-2018

No Matter What Happens on Election Day, there are Some Encouraging Signs 11-06-2018

Too Close to Call Brings on the Dread 11-05-2018

La Terre Institute 11-04-2018

How You Can Be Too Poor to Vote 11-03-2018

Hey, Mr. Trump, Something is Happening, and You Don’t Understand? 11-02-2018

New Legislation Hopes to Protect Chaco Canyon from Zinke and Drilling Companies 10-31-2018

The Wages of Sin are Death: Rhetoric Has Consequences 10-30-2018

Marketing and Artificial Profits are Huge Factor in US Inequality 10-29-2018

Vote “Yes” for Unanimous Juries in Louisiana 10-28-2018

Lake Charles’ NIC at Forty and the Art of the Bank Fair 10-27-2018

Megyn Kelly Has Got to Go 10-26-2018

The Contradictory European Legacy of Saul Alinsky 10-25-2018

Organizations and Unions Looking for New Methods in Belgium 10-24-2018

Welcoming Belgians and Germans to Community Organizing 10-23-2018

“The Organiz er” a Big Hit at the Festival des Libertes 10-22-2018

Periferia and Global NGOs 10-21-2018

Rogue Kingdom, Thug Ally, What the Frick? 10-20-2018

Tenants Taking Charge, Running for Seats on the Board in France 10-19-2018

Signing up for the Taylor Swift Fan Club 10-18-2018

Harder to Cover-up State Sanctioned Killing and to Hide 10-17-2018

After the Mid-Terms, Then What? 10-16-2018

VioMe 10-15-2018

Europe Really is Different than the United States 10-14-2018

Can Ideology Save an Organization? 10-13-2018

Run the Government? Who Cares? 10-12-2018

Buy a Clue on Climate from Michael 10-11-2018

If Exxon Is for Carbon Tax, Should We Oppose It? 10-10-2018

Voter Registration Periods are Over, Now’s the Time for GOTV 10-09-2018

Visiting with the Grassroots Radio Coalition 10-08-2018

Kavanagh Nomination a Challenge to #MeToo Movement 10-06-2018

Building Sustainable Organizations and Utilizing Capacity 10-05-2018

Historical Amnesia, Citizenship and Crisis 10-04-2018

Life Stirring in “Remnant” Unions in Pacific Northwest 10-03-2018

New Neighborhood Data Offers Clues without Conclusions 10-02-2018

Elite Schools Taking a Kavanagh Beating While Accelerating Inequality 10-01-2018

How Many Rural Electric Cooperatives Can Stand the Glare? 09-30-2018

Has Maryland Gone from Bad to Best in Lead Poisoning Prevention? 09-29-2018

The Ugly Face of Entitlement and Hyper-Partisanship 09-28-2018

Kavanagh Legacy: Ban All Fraternities on Campuses 09-27-2018

Self-Dealing Revenge from OCC & Treasury Targets the CRA 09-26-2018

Arkansas Playing Gotcha with the Poor to Cut Them Off of Medicaid 09-25-2018

Facebook Fail 09-24-2018

The Mural Mile on New Orleans’ St. Claude Avenue 09-23-2018

Republicans May Capture the Court, but Lose a Generation of Women & Religious 09-22-2018

DC Dilemma: Fair Votes and Fair Pay versus Tip Subsidies for Owners 09-21-2018

Making it Right with Brad Pitt in the Lower Nine 09-20-2018

Bad Behavior Does Matter When Meting Out Justice 09-19-2018

The Poor Pay the Price for Another Hurricane 09-18-2018

Fake-Work Ideology Will Kill People in Arkansas and Elsewhere 09-17-2018

Don’t Have Your Vote Purged – Check Now On-Line! 09-16-2018

Déjà vu in Ontario with “Donald” Ford, Conservative Premier 09-15-2018

Toronto Elections Goes Canada Crazy, Notwithstanding 09-14-2018

Techo, Tagging, and Finding Another Way 09-13-2018

The Challenges and Tribulations of Big NGOs 09-12-2018

Redevelopment, Resettlement, and the Right to the City 09-11-2018

Labor Unions Struggling to Find Their Place in Paraguay 09-10-2018

Protecting the Last of the Great Atlantic Forests in Paraguay 09-09-2018

Life and Learning on the Farm in Paraguay 09-08-2018

Courts and Presidents Matter Everywhere 09-06-2018

Rich Gone Wild! 09-05-2018

Beulah Labostrie 09-04-2018

Labor’s Day, More or Less 09-03-2018

Bridging the Evangelical Gap 09-02-2018

Public Interest Network Filling Some of Old ACORN Space 09-01-2018

Process of Gutting the Community Reinvestment Act Gains Steam 08-31-2018

The Census and Contracts-for-Deed 08-30-2018

Katrina and Maria, More Disaster Anniversaries and Lessons Unlearned 08-29-2018

The Cracks in the Eviction Lab Wall are Undercounting the Crisis 08-28-2018

Hurricane Harvey, One Year Later 08-27-2018

Santa Rosa and Sonoma County A Year After the Fires 08-26-2018

Sketchy Financing for Apartments and Private Markets Seems Like Deja Vu 08-25-2018

Freddie Mac, Rent Controls and Predatory Contracts 08-24-2018

Coal and the Value of Human Life 08-23-2018

Grifter, Fixer and the Boss 08-22-2018

Ripping Off Citizens and Hornswoggling Community Groups by the Rich in Cleveland 08-21-2018

The Catholic Church Has to Open All the Records Everywhere 08-20-2018

New Zealand for All of Us: Maori, Equal Pay, and More – Part II 08-19-2018

New Zealand for My Father: Part I 08-18-2018

From Heaven to Hell and Back Again for Unions in New Zealand 08-17-2018

Living Wage Campaign, New Zealand Version 08-16-2018

Good Spirits at the Auckland Trades Hall for “The Organizer” 08-15-2018

Finally, South Carolina Finally Cracking Down on Electric Coop Abuses 08-14-2018

Raising the Minimum Wage and Lowering the Maximum Wage 08-13-2018

Poverty Safari 08-12-2018

Making “Welfare” a Curse Word, No Matter How Many Benefit 08-11-2018

Deforestation, New Zealand Style 08-10-2018

ACORN Canada’s Leader, Mike Wood, is Front Page News 08-09-2018

LeBron’s Bikes 08-08-2018

Missouri Votes on Right-to-Work – Again 08-07-2018

When Television Made a Difference and How 08-06-2018

Citizen Diplomats, Citizen Reporters 08-04-2018

Interesting Questions from the Netroots Crowd 08-03-2018

Oh, No! Jerry Jones and the Anthem Again! 08-02-2018

Digital Poorhouse 08-01-2018

Doug Ford, the Trump of the North, is No Populist Either 07-31-2018

The Way Governments Chill the Lives of Their People 07-30-2018

Civil and Human Rights of the Garifunda Communities 07-29-2018

Walking the Political Planks in Honduras 07-28-2018

How Much Can a Direct Action, Multi-Issue Community Organization Take On? 07-27-2018

San Pedro Sula Museum, Media, and More 07-26-2018

Fighting for Water and Land in Honduras 07-25-2018

Plastic Straws and Sleeping Giants Show Consumers Still Have Some Power 07-23-2018

The Frontal Assault on Environmental Laws 07-22-2018

Rising Inequality in the New Gilded Age for Some People 07-21-2018

McDonalds’ Sweetheart Deal with New NLRB Gets Fried 07-20-2018

Attacking Unions by Going after Members and Money Continues Everywhere 07-19-2018

Building New Organizations in the Birthplaces of the Industrial Revolution 07-18-2018

We Need More People’s History Museums! 07-17-2018

Bits Along the Road 07-16-2018

The Failure of Imagination in Thinking about Disasters 07-14-2018

Unwelcome Rallies for Trump in the UK 07-13-2018

Plotting the Future, Drowning in Opportunity 07-12-2018

Tenant Organizing Tactics 07-11-2018

Retreat and then Attack from 42 Acres 07-10-2018

All Politics National? All Power Local 07-08-2018

“Solidarity and Fraternity Should Prevail” 07-07-2018

Some Good News for Low-Income Families Hoping for Homes in Cincy & Detroit 07-06-2018

Running for President on $1000 Per Month 07-05-2018

USA Declaration of Independence Speaks to Today as Well 07-04-2018

Is Neighborhood Activism the Answer or Part of the Problem? 07-03-2018

New President in Mexico Could be Gamechanger 07-02-2018

Post-Janus Paths: Representation Compensation without Subsidies 07-01-2018

Immigration Protests Everywhere in Cities and Towns, Large and Small 06-30-2018

Fighting Resource Extraction Companies Toe-to-Toe in Wyoming 06-29-2018

Janus Comes with a Call for Renewal 06-28-2018

Contradictory Readings in the Tea Leaves 06-27-2018

Wyoming People 06-26-2018

Leadership and Solidarity Matter in Sports Off the Field 06-25-2018

Local 100 Leaders Highlight Reel 06-24-2018

On Wages, If Walmart can Raise Wages, Why Not Everyone 06-23-2018

Detention Centers for Immigrant Families and Children – The Arkansas Welcome Mat 06-22-2018

America Drew a Line Trump Could Not Keep Crossing 06-21-2018

Is Code Enforcement the Friend or Enemy of Lower Income Family Home Ownership? 06-19-2018

Forty-eight Years and ACORN Rolls On 06-18-2018

Families versus Workers, Morality versus Self-Interest 06-17-2018

Real Estate Wealth Taxes as a Anti-Gentrification Tool 06-16-2018

The Science behind Triggering Tipping Points to Social Change 06-15-2018

The Condominium Doctrine 06-14-2018

Is the Gig Up or Down? 06-13-2018

Now is the Time to Press Hospitals for Community Benefit Agreements 06-12-2018

Stopping the Free Ride for Nonprofits on Property Taxes 06-11-2018

Pay Higher Rent and Get Out of Poverty Quicker 06-10-2018

Academics Find that Partisanship Has Become the Great Divider 06-09-2018

Oklahoma Teachers Show What a Movement Looks Like 06-08-2018

Cameras, Churches and Crime 06-07-2018

Bet on the Players Not the President 06-06-2018

Getting an Education on Habitat for Humanity Houses 06-05-2018

What Happened to the New Poor Peoples’ Campaign? 06-04-2018

The Ironies of Vancouver: The Post-Gentrified City 06-02-2018

The New American Aristocracy 06-01-2018

Was Roseanne in the Wilderness Too Long? 05-31-2018

The Rich are Wheeling and Dealing for Themselves at Private Foundations 05-30-2018

Resistance is Futile, Women Will Win 05-29-2018

The Children’s Guide to Changing the World 05-28-2018

“The Organizer” is a Way to Gather the Tribes 05-26-2018

Superrich NFL Owners Botch Anthem Protests Rule 05-25-2018

UndocuFund and the Philippines 05-24-2018

Hedge Fund Housing Horror Stories in California 05-23-2018

Parsing Demonstrations to Movements to Organizations 05-22-2018

People Want to Talk about Squatting 05-21-2018

Gig Economy Promoters Drinking Their Own Kool-Aid 05-20-2018

Will My School Be Next? 05-19-2018

The Racism and Rural-Urban Divide Behind Work Requirement Exemptions 05-18-2018

Bringing Our People to the Graduation Line – Go Pounce! 05-17-2018

Penny Wise, Pound Foolish, but Punitive to the Poor and All People 05-16-2018

Crowds on Demand 05-15-2018

ACORN Reunion and Revival Tour 05-14-2018

When is “Entering Real Property Under False Pretenses with Intent to Commit a Felony” Not a Break-In? Answer: When James O’Keefe Cops a Plea and Then Whines About It! 05-13-2018

James O’Keefe is a Bully and a Whiner 05-12-2018

The Transparent Cynicism of Medicaid Work Requirements 05-11-2018

Ten People Know Scott Pruitt 05-10-2018

If It’s Not Racism, What Else Could It Be? 05-09-2018

Surprise, High Health Deductibles Defer Treatment and Kill People! 05-08-2018

Finally, the IRS is Enforcing Affordable Care Act! 05-07-2018

Past Time to Remember Slavery 05-06-2018

Ending Temporary Protected Status for Hondurans This Time 05-05-2018

A Grassroots Report on the Current Protests in Nicaragua 05-04-2018

The “Amazoning” of Urban Economic Development 05-03-2018

Is Gentrification Inevitable? 05-02-2018

Hiding Real Estate Ownership from Tenants and Land Contract Holders 05-01-2018

Welfare, Just the Facts, Ma’am 04-30-2018

Taking Class to Class 04-29-2018

The War on the Poor is about Hate Not Economics 04-27-2018

Terrible Idea of the Day: Evict Public Housing Tenants! 04-26-2018

Inequality Breeds Epidemics and Can Kill More than Just the Poor 04-25-2018

Apps for SNAP with Both Green and Yellow Lights Flashing 04-24-2018

Contract for Deed as a Non-Profit Affordable Housing Tool 04-23-2018

De-escalating Violence 04-22-2018

Where are Seniors in the Fight for Social Security and Pensions? 04-21-2018

Wells Fargo and its Enablers are Whining 04-20-2018

Standing Rock and Veterans Stand 04-19-2018

Facebook Escapes Responsibility 04-18-2018

Cold Weather and Warm Hearts in Michigan 04-17-2018

The Political and Organizational Problem of Imperfect Incumbents 04-16-2018

The Increasing and Persistent Gap between Black and White Homeownership 04-15-2018

Eviction Statistics are Tricky, so Be Careful of First Impressions 04-14-2018

Rent Control Fights Popping Up All Over California for Affordable Housing 04-13-2018

For the Sake of the Poor, Goodbye and Good Riddance to Speaker Ryan 04-12-2018

Banks and Their Buddies Learned Little to Nothing from the Great Recession 04-11-2018

The Pope’s Talking, Let’s Hope Somebody is Listening! 04-10-2018

National Eviction Crisis Finally in the Headlines 04-09-2018

Crossing Paths with Clean Water Action 04-08-2018

Can We Get Hollywood, Educators & Politicians to Watch More Danish TV? 04-07-2018

The “Disappearing Organizer” and Accountability 04-06-2018

How and When Did Scrooge McDuck Take Over Disneyland? 04-05-2018

Strikes Against Charters, Amateurism, Disinvestment and DeVos/Trump Agenda 04-04-2018

Strategies for Dealing with Privacy as a Lost Cause 04-03-2018

Public Unions are Adjusting Their Strategies around Strikes and Checkoff 04-02-2018

Criminal Injustice in Bail Bond Exploitation and Jury Selection and Verdict System 04-01-2018

Immunization and Other Public Health Shortages Reveal Weaknesses of Conservative Response 03-31-2018

Fighting and Dying in Kurdistan During the Syrian War 03-30-2018

The New HUD Seems OK with Racial Discrimination 03-29-2018

Land Contract Companies Settle Lawsuits in Cincinnati without Celebrations 03-28-2018

Self-Care 03-27-2018

ACORN Lives Forever in Congressional Budget Bills 03-26-2018

Independent Political Action is Blooming in Columbus and Ohio 03-25-2018

Soccer Team Trying to Score on Cincinnati 03-24-2018

Finding Fellow Travelers Across the Country 03-23-2018

Facebook is Out of Control with Greed and Self Interest 03-20-2018

The Color Barrier for Black Men is Mile High Preventing Equality 03-19-2018

More Worker Protections Still Require More Worker Representation 03-18-2018

Ontario Labor Law Reforms are Best in Class 03-17-2018

Ontario, Canada is Populist Battleground in Coming Elections 03-16-2018

Let the Children Lead Us on Guns 03-15-2018

Discrimination in Health Care Delivery Kills 03-14-2018

Banks, Too Big to Fail, but Too Small to Regulate, Huh? 03-13-2018

Discrimination is Running Rampant in Bank Lending 03-12-2018

Confusion Reigns Over Brexit and Immigration Affects All EU Politics 03-11-2018

Some Lessons for Labor in Unite’s 100% Campaign 03-10-2018

West Virginia Teachers and English University Workers 03-09-2018

ACORN Newcastle Busts Sex-for-Rent Predators 03-08-2018

Excitement Stirring Over a Mass-Based Party’s Potential 03-07-2018

Living Rent Making Progress 03-06-2018

Sanctions, Starvation, and Clawbacks in England’s Universal Credit 03-04-2018

Standing Room Only in Paris and Interesting Question about Free Speech 03-03-2018

Action Wins in Grenoble 03-02-2018

Notes on Leaving Eastern Europe for My Father 03-01-2018

Bricks and Sticks are Important, but Different than Social Change 02-28-2018

Watching the Euro Far-Right in Action in Slovakia 02-27-2018

Slovakians Need a Social Benefits Clawback Campaign 02-26-2018

The Edifice Complex and the Tension between Intake and Outreach 02-25-2018

Village Life and Roma Settlements in Slovakia 02-24-2018

Coalitions in All Shapes and Sizes Fraught with Potential and Peril 02-23-2018

“Together There is More of Us” – A Winning Campaign in Slovakia 02-22-2018

Pity the Poor Immigrant 02-21-2018

The Healthcare Fixes Unfixed, Divide and Conquer on Display 02-20-2018

The Personal Cost and Lifestyle Adjustments of the Greek Financial Crisis 02-19-2018

When Politics Becomes a Barrier, Rather than Leverage 02-18-2018

Pedestrian Right-of-Way Becomes Interesting Tactic 02-17-2018

Organizing Tips from Bulgarian Enviros and Justice for All 02-16-2018

Nothing Easy About Organizing Against Corruption or any Organizing 02-15-2018

A Simple Letter is a Strange Welcome to Sofia, Bulgaria 02-14-2018

Meow Wolf Somewhere Between a Purr and a Growl 02-13-2018

Job Training for Workers in the Gig Economy Era 02-12-2018

Fighting Back the Fear of Voter Registration 02-11-2018

Simple Statements about Major Social Changes 02-10-2018

Tone Deaf on Domestic Abuse in the #MeToo Moment 02-09-2018

Airline Antics 02-08-2018

Pushing Rent Control around the Country and the World 02-07-2018

Updates on Banks as Criminal Enterprises: More Wells Fargo Mess 02-06-2018

Gene Sharp, Nonviolence Evangelist 02-05-2018

Nick von Hoffman, TWO Legend and Alinsky Lieutenant 02-04-2018

Nonprofit Confusion and BatchGeo 02-02-2018

Kicking Them When They’re Down 02-01-2018

Trump Uses State of Disunion Speech to Take Shots at Workers 01-31-2018

Forty-Nine Years and More of the Story Emerges on the Springfield Riot 01-30-2018

Remembering Springfield Years Later 01-29-2018

Answering the Hard Questions about Movements and Organizations 01-28-2018

Why Would Casino Operators Behavior Surprise Us? 01-27-2018

Wanted: A Non-Commercial Company and Boss Guide for Workers 01-26-2018

The Absolute Poor are in America, Too 01-25-2018

Community Organizations Stabilize Urban Neighborhoods & Reduce Crime 01-24-2018

The Weird Psychology of Feeling Poor Affects Attitudes on Inequality 01-23-2018

Paperwork and Bureaucracy as a Weapon Against the Poor 01-22-2018

Women’s Voice and Women’s March 01-21-2018

Paul Booth’s Last Call 01-20-2018

Taking the #MeToo Moment into the Workplace and Community 01-19-2018

The Increasing Permanence of Class Divides 01-18-2018

Holes are in Houses, and a Lie is a Lie 01-17-2018

Data and Politics Combine to Finance Affordable Housing 01-16-2018

Martin Luther King Jr’s Warning about Liberals and the Poor Peoples’ Campaign 01-15-2018

The Difference between Senators Lindsey Graham and Tom Cotton 01-14-2018

Storm Clouds Over Southern Labor 01-13-2018

Trump and the Throwback Presidency 01-12-2018

Fast Food Justice Wins Checkoff in New York City 01-10-2018

Editing the Bible in Egypt 01-09-2018

Wow! Institutions Still Trump Individuals 01-08-2018

Crazy? Who You Calling Crazy?!? 01-07-2018

Kris Kobach and his Zombie-UFO Voter Fraud Scam 01-06-2018

Not Even the Right “Revolution” Will Be Funded by the Rich 01-05-2018

Why are Military Bad Apples Gun-Banned and Not Police? 01-04-2018

The Price of Protests 01-03-2018

Time’s Up? 01-02-2018

The New Poor Peoples’ Campaign for 2018 01-01-2018